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General Links

A & E Biography

African American Almanac

African American History

AmDocs: Documents for the Study of American History

American History 102

Be sure and look at a Comprehensive Portal to American Politics

American Memory Collection Finder

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids


Biographical Dictionary

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Do History

Original documents

Douglass Archive of American Address

E Pluribus Unum Project

Fashion, Food, Fun

FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

Great American Speeches

Historical United States Census Data Browser

History Central

History Central: America’s Wars

History Channel

History Net

History Place

How Much is it Worth Today?

Hypertext on American History

Images of American Political History

Immigration 1900-1920 Ellis Island

Immigration and Naturalization Service

Jewish-American History on the Web

Making of America (Primary Source Materials)

North American Map Archive

Oyez Oyez: US Supreme Court Multimedia Database

Places Where Women Made History

Public Papers of the Presidents

Smithsonian Institution History Day Site

This Nation

U.S. Historical Documents

U.S. (Philadelphia area)

Twentieth Century Sites

General Sites

20th Century America

Children at work, Theodore Roosevelt, the San Francisco earthquake, Harry Truman, the automobile industry plus much more.

20the Century History by the Decades (Chico High School)

This site has many links to sites for each of the decades.

Gives an overview of the 20th century

Alameda County Library Decades

American Photography: a Century of Images

An Abridged History of the United States

Broadcasting History 1920-1960

Celebrate the Century: Search the Web for U.S. History of the 1910s

Centurions (biography)

Cultural Maps

Covers the territorial expansion of the US from 1775-1920.

Decades in 20th Century America

Eighties Club


Famous Trials

Film History by the Decade

Great American Speches

Historical Atlas of the 20th Century

History of Fashion, Food and Time

It Seems Like Yesterday

Life Magazine’s Tom 100 Events of the Last Millennium

Modern World 1900-45

Modern World: Recent Times 1945-present

Multnomah Homework Center:American History

Museum of Advertising Icons

New Americans

Nobel Prize Internet Archive

People’s Century: 1900-1999

PBS Online presents the history of important events throughout the century.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States

Sixties Project and VietNam Gneration

Swingin’Chicks of the 1960’s

Time 100

Gives information on 100 important people and events of the 20th century

Twentieth Century America

Twentieth Century History

Vietnam: Stories Since the War Watergate

We Shall Overcome: Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement (National Park Service)

Who’s Who in American History

The 1900s & Immigration

The American Immigration Home Page

This site provides detailed information about immigration into the US from 1607 on.


Tells the stories of immigrants from the beginning of the 20th century.

The Changing Character of Immigration

Photos and text explain the changing face of US immigrants in the early 1900s.

From One Life to Another

This site presents 19th century immigration through timelines, images, etc.

The Immigrant Journey

Gives brief history of the immigrants’ journey to America

Immigration in American Memory

Library of Congress site.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

You will visit the Urban Log Cabin to learn about some of the types of immigrant families who lived in these buildings in New York.

Angel Island: The Pacific Gateway

Chinese immigration, living conditions, medical exams, interrogation and much more.


Ellis Island

This site is from the History channel. Gives a timeline of the island, create a family tree online, you can experience a day in the life of a typical immigrant on the Island and much more.

Ellis Island

The history and immigration of thousands to the United States in the early 20th century

Ellis Island

A historical overview, about the journey to Ellis Island, and Ellis Island today. From the National Park Service

Ellis Island: Through America’s Gateway


Explains what citizenship is, how someone can become a citizen and what their rights and responsibilities are as a citizen.


Am I Eligible?

Find out what you would need to learn for the test to become a U.S. citizen.

General Naturalization Requirements


Statue of Liberty

From the National Park Service, this site explains the statue’s history and the size of the statue.

The Statue of Liberty


Harlem: 1900-1940

Harlem Renaissance

Harlem in New York City was enriched with many African American artists and musicians


Canada and The First World War

This site covers Canada’s role In World I. Also includes interviews with veterans and online wartime letters and diaries.

The First World War

This site explores war in the air, political leaders, weapons, military tactics, statistics, battles, and much much more.

The Great War

An historical survey of World War I provided by PBS

World War I Document Archive

Has most of the primary documents concerning this war.

World War One

Assassination of the Archduke, U-boat attack

World War One

Causes of World War I. This page is from Professor Gerhard Remple, Dept. of History, Western New England College

Children at Work

1908-1912 photographs of children who were in the workplace.

History of the Panama Canal

Read about the history of the Panama Canal, the treaty, leaders and historical figures here.



American History 102

Booming 20s (essay)

1920s and 1930s: Depression and the New Deal (music)

Chico High School links to the 20s

This is an excellent site

Celebrate the Century: Search the Web for U.S. History of the 1920s

Joyrides (auto history)

Automobile History

Al Capone

Collapse of Wall Street and the Lessons of History

Timeline of Costume History: 1920-30

Time Past Men of the Year

American Memory

Click on Collection Finder, Scroll down to History and click on it or scroll down farther to Time Line click on 1920’s.

African American Odyssey

Click on African American history.


Flappers In The Roaring Twenties

Christy's Fashion Page


American Prohibition

Contains many links to material on the American prohibition time period.

Anti-Saloon League 1893-1933

This league’s crusade lead to constitutional amendment for prohibition

Temperance & Prohibition


Scopes Monkey Trial July 10,1925 – July 25, 1925

Evolution Trial Pamphlet setting the stage. A Great Site.

Scopes Monkey Trial

Large collection of information, essays and photos on the trial, participants, etc.

Scopes “Monkey Trial”

Includes pictures, cartoons, and research.

THE 1930’s including Great Depression, New Deal, Social Security


American Cultural History (The Thirties)

America from the Great Depression to World War II (photographs)

America in the 1930s

20th Century by the Decades (1930s)

American Culture in the 1930’s

Costume Gallery

Costume History: 1930s

Internet Movie Database: In This Year

Ladies Fashions of the 1930s

Modern World: 1900-45

Museum of Advertising Icons

Voices From the Thirties

Web Resources in Costume

Visions in the Dust: A Child’s Perspective of the Dust Bowl


Vintage Radio Script Library (this is an EXCELLENT site)

Google Directory: Old Time Radio Links

History of Early Radio

Old Time Radio

Radio Days


Surviving the Dust Bowl

Site from PBS Online presents maps, a timeline and people and events of the dust bowl.

Voices from The Dust Bowl


America: From Great Depression to World War II

A photo history of this time

America’s Great Depression

Explores causes of the depression

Great Depression and New Deal Photos (FDR Library)


New Deal Network

Over 900 articles, speeches, letters from the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

Work Pays America

Covers the WPA project during the depression.


A Brief History of Social Security

Tells why Social Security was created and how it came about.

Social Security Numbers

How were numbers assigned to workers. Who was the first person assigned a card? Who designed the card and much more information.

THE 1940's


Color Photographs From 1938-1944

1,600 photographs of rural and small town America during the late 1930’s and scenes of the war effort from 1939-1944

Creative Americans: Portraits by Carl Van Vechten, 1932-1964

1,400 Portraits of literary figures, artists and celebrities

For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan

Marshall’s reconstruction plan for Europe following World War II.

History Place—World War II in the Pacific

The History Place—African Americans in World War II.

Scroll down to World War II - African Americans

History Net-20th century

Covers Churchill, FDR. Hitler, Holocaust, Pearl Harbor, Stalin, World War II

Kingwood College Library’s American Cultural History, 1940-1949

Links and information about art, architecture, literature, education, fashion, fads, historic events, music, theater, film, television, and radio

Liberty University Library’s “20th Century America”

Many Links to World War II

New Deal Network

Covers the era of people who lived during the Great Depression into the early 1940s

People at War

Highlights the contributions of the thousands of Americans who served the country during WWII.

Social Security History

Gives the history of the Social Security program and the Social Security Administration


Abundant Dreams Diverted

The Seattle Times article tells the story of the Japanese-American internment in the Northwest.

American Concentration Camps: Map

Children of the Camps

A History of Japanese-American Internment

Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project

Japanese American Internment: Santa Clara Valley

Discusses how people attempted to create a home in these camps.

Museum of the City of San Francisco

Newspaper articles from the San Francisco News

Relocation of Japanese-Americans

Text from the actual War Relocation Authority Publication dated May 1943 explaining the need to relocate Japanese-Americans.

Thirteen Frequently Asked Questions

War Relocation Authority Photographs of Japanese-American Evacuation and Resettlement,1942-1945

Photographs of various camps.

War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946

Photographs and info that shows the social life, camp life and work at Arizona’s camps.


Heart Mountain Digital Preservation Project

Documents and photographs

Kosskia Internees and Employees Sought

Summarizes Japanese-American internment in Idaho.

Images from Topaz

Photographs from Tule Lake


Attack at Pearl Harbor, 1941

Short summary of Pearl Harbor invasion with photos.

Deployment of Attacking Japanese Aircraft

Map illustrates the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor

Japanese Battle Order

The text of the Japanese battle order to attack Pearl Harbor

Map of Pearl Harbor

Detailed map

Pearl Harbor: the Day

Pearl Harbor Remembered

Includes map of harbor, survivor’s stories and how the Japanese attacked Oahu


Fly Girls

Discover the women who flew military planes during World War II.

The Marshall Plan

A People at War

President Roosevelt Asks Congress to Declare War on Japan

This Day in World War II History

Varian Fry

He helped save thousands of endangered refugees who were trapped in the Vichy French zone escape from the Nazi

Women Come to the Front

Covers women who were journalists, photographers and broadcasters.

World War II

Covers the secret service, presents radio reports the days before Britain declared war and sound clip memories of evacuees, etc.

World War II Historical Text Archive

Documents from World War II.

World War II in Europe

The 1970s


Yahoo! Directory 20th century history—1970

WWW-VL: History: USA--1970-1979

Many links to on-line research sites.

American Cultural History 1970-1979—Kingwood College

Gateway to African American History from 1975-Present


Twenty years after this massacre, CNN looks at the event and the man behind it, Jim Jones.

The Official Story

Court TV’s crime library history of what happened at Jonestown and in addition there are several other links to Web Pages.


Kent State University

Files from the FBI’s investigation of the 1970 shootings.

Inquire, Learn, Reflect: May 4, 1970, Years of Remembrance

Webpage for a 1995 exhibit at the Kent State University Library. Includes a chronology of the events of May 1-4, 1970 as well as memorials and other literature produced by the University.


The May 1970 Tragedy at Jackson State University

A detailed history of the event


The Munich Massacre

An account of the murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich

Munich Massacre Remembered

30 years after the massacre


The Hostage Crisis in Iran

History, documents and related links. Also includes resources for teachers.

Iranian Hostage Crisis 1979-1981

Many links to web sites related to hostage crisis.

Symbionese Liberation Army

Symbionese Liberation Army “SLA”

Informtion gathered by the Ross Institute.


Watergate 25

This site provides an introduction to the most famous political scandal in American history.

The Scandal That Brought Down Richard Nixon

The Watergate Decade

Photo essay about the Watergate Decade

Time and Again—Watergate Timeline

Photographic timeline.

Freedom of Information Act: Watergate

141pages of info.

Supreme Court Decisions—Mrs. B’s Class

Avalon Project at the Yale Law School: Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy

Supreme Court—Background Info

Electric Law Library

Goal is to allow you to find and access law-related information and products that you need.

Federal Judicial Center

Education and research agency for the federal courts.

FedWorld/FLITE U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Home Page

Search and View Full Text of Supreme Court Decisions issued between 1937 and 1975 –full text of 7, 407 Supreme Court Decisions.

*FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions

Foreign Governments: Constitutions, Laws and Treaties

Federal Judiciary Homepage

Information from and about the Judicial Branch. A good overview of the system.

GPO Access U.S. Supreme Court Opinions, archive

Opinions and orders from 1992-1993 session through the 1999-2000 session.

Legal Information Institute

Supreme Court Case Collection

Historic Supreme Court Decisions by Justice

Jurist Legal Assistance

Search by case name, keyword or citation. United States Supreme Court—Monitor

Lexis One Free Case Law

Can access U.S. Supreme Court Cases from 1970 to present

News from the Supreme Court

Covers supreme court decisions and orders.

**Oyez Oyez: US Supreme Court Multimedia Database (search by subject)

Can search by Title, Citation, or Subject. Much of material is on audio.

Online Courts for Kids

From Washington state, this site lets you explore state, national and international laws. Supreme Court Cases are covered.

Supreme Court of the United States

This site has biographies of judges, the supreme court’s traditions, the procedures they sell, plus much more.

Rominger Legal

Rules of the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Historical Society

Macmillan Law Library—Federal Courts Finder

U.S. Supreme Court Opinions

U.S. Gov Printing Office—Supreme Court Decisions (1937-1975)

Virtual tour of the Supreme Court Building

**USSC .com

Contains thousands of opinions handed down by the court, and is one of the most comprehensive databases on the Internet. You can get to the cases by Subject, Citation, Party Names or Word or phase Search.

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