black and white, full-lenght photograph of Joan                                            Joan Bauer

                        April Author of the Month




                     PEELED  There is so much coming at ace reporter Hildy Biddie that she’s

                             not sure what is true anymore.  The big story in town is that a ghost is on

                             the loose and plenty of people are scared.  It doesn’t help that the local

                             paper is running frightening headlines.


                     RULES OF THE ROAD  Alcoholism in a family,--it’s a life of pain and

                             often, denial.  Jenna Boller, ace shoe salesperson, knows this too well.

                             Her dad can’t stay sober.  But she learned the secret to living with him—

                             speak the truth, keep loving him.  And for one summer, she gets out of

                             town—hired by her aging rich boss, Madeline Gladstone, to drive her to



                      BEST FOOT FORWARD  Corporate lies, dealing with an alcoholic father,

                             managing a juvenile delinquent, and romance—what a combination. 

                             But that is what Jenna Bolter faces in this story about what it means

                             to do your best when close to everything around you is out of control.


                       HOPE WAS HERE

                             A Recipe for Hope



                             *One tough-talking waitress

                             *One equally tough perfectionist comfort food chef

                             *One heart-wrenching move from their beloved Brooklyn to a dinky

                                 dairy town


                             Fold in:

                             *One great Quaker battling leukemia

                             *One nasty mayoral race

                             *Romance; serious food

                             *A courageous sheriff’s deputy, a cute short order cook, a team of

                                      teenagers fighting for truth.


                             Let rise:


                             *Because when hope gets released in a place, all kinds of things are



                     BACKWATER  Have you ever known someone who was so unusual they had

                             trouble living around other people?  Ivy Breedlove is a little (at least

                             around her family), but her Aunt jo wins the prize.  Is Jo still alive? 

                             That’s what Ivy wants to know.  This is a wilderness adventure about

                             pursuing historical truth, and about learning where the roots of our

                             families can take us.


             STAND TALL  How does a boy named Tree cope?  He is too tall, his

                             Vietnam vet grandpa is in the hospital, his parents’ divorce is all too new.

                             How does divorce affect a family?  How can hope be found in the midst

                             of tragedy?