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American Museum of Photography

Art Institute of Chicago

Art Museum Network

View over 200 member museum sites

American Museum of Photograph


A wonderful, wonderful site

Brooklyn Museum, NY

2nd largest museum in New York City—has a permanent collection of 1 ½ million items

Carnegie Museum of Art

Dallas Museum of Art

Detroit Institute of the Arts

Special Exhibit—March 16 thru June 8, 2003. Magnificenza! The Medici, Michelangelo and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence.

**State Hermitage Museum

6 buildings right in the heart of St. Petersburg. 3,000,000 items present. Covers the development of the world culture and art from the Stone Age to 20th century.

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

On exhibit—“Northern Visions: Art and Life of the Inuit”. Plus much more.



Museum and Universities Supporting Ed Enrichment Mission is to enhance cultural awareness.

J. Paul Getty Museum

Collects and exhibits Greek and Roman Antiquities, European paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculpture and much more

George Eastman House Museum

International Museum of Photography and Film. Tells the story of photography and motion pictures.

Guggenheim Museum

The Kyoto National Museum of Japan

Features online versions of its past exhibits.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Provides highlights from each of its collections online, including digitized versions of the entire collection of over 2,000 European paintings.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Includes digitized versions of over 2,000 of the museum’s works of art.

Museum of Modern Art, New York

Museum Index at World Wide Arts Resources


A guide to museums and other cultural information on the Web.

National Gallery of Art-The Collection

Houses a collection which illustrates major achievements in painting, sculpture and graphic arts from the Middle Ages to the present.

Smithsonian American Art Museum

National Museum of African Art

Presents an online version of its exhibitions on contemporary African artists, African musical instruments, Kente cloth and many other subjects.

National Museum of Wildlife Art

Site provides a searchable collection of wildlife art as well as great lesson plans which help to integrate art with other subjects such as science and writing.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

View over 250 works by women from around the world.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Greek revival building housing a huge collection of sculptures, paintings and other art objects

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Smart Museum of Art

7,500 Eastern and Western works of art spanning 5,000 years of history.

Smithsonian Photographs Online

The Thinker Fine Art Museums of San Francisco

Displays a collection of 4,000 years of ancient and European art. Search through 82,000 images

Time-Life Photo Sight Home Page

Web Gallery of Art

Contains over 11,000 digital reproductions of European paintings and sculptures created between the years 1150 and 1800.


General Sites

Abstract Expressionism

ADAM: Gateway to Art

Art, Design, Architecture and Media Info-Gateway is a searchable catalog of internet resources.

Armore Gallery (Impressionists)

Art Atlas: Art Galleries of the World

This database will let you find addresses of over 5000 international art galleries.

**Art History Research Centre

First and foremost tool for art historical research on the internet.

**Art History Resources on the Web

A wonderful site with many many links to other sites on the Web.

**Art History Soureces on Internet

Boston College. Many links to credible web pages on-line.

@rt room

Art Studio Chalkboard



AskArt .com

Extensive information about 30,000 American Artists

Big Cartoon Database

Internet’s largest searchable database about cartoons.

Contemporary Art Experience

**Digital Archive of Art

Online images from Boston College. Includes Architecture, Painting, Sculpture. 1,200+ links to art and architecture sites.

Exploring Themes in American Art

Illustrates major achievements in painting, sculpture and graphics arts from Middle Ages to Present

First Impressionist Exhibit

A partial recreation of several “Impressionist’s” first exhibition in 1874

Impressionist Artists (Yahoo)

Gives site listings to various impressionists.


Site is linked to

Leonardo da Vinci

Gallery of his works, biography, his machines and finally his manuscripts.

New Deal for the Arts

During the Great Depression and into early years of WWII, the federal government supported the arts in unprecedented ways.

Renaissance and Impressionist artist

Web Gallery of Art

Virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the gothic, Renaissance & Baroque Period. 11,000 reproductions on-line.

WebMuseum Artists Index

**Yahoo:Art History:Periods and Movements

A listing of Periods and Art Movements with links to educational sites for each category.


Built in America: Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record


**Old House Style Guide

Covers such styles as Antebellum, Craftsman Bungalows,, Colonial Revivals, Greek Revival, Italianate, Neo-Classical, Queen Anne, Tudor Revival

ADAM: Gateway to Art

Design, Architecture and Media

Architecture and Interior Design for 20th Century America

Architecture Slide Library (Berkeley)

Architectural Visual Resource Library

Art Serve


Click on Architecture

City/Buildings Database

**Digital Archive of American Architecture

Consists of nearly 1,500 digitized images of American Architecture (280 buildings.)

**Digital Archive of European Architecture

Digital Imaging Project

Art historical images of sculpture and architecture from pre-historic to post-modern

Frank Lloyd Wright

Designs for an American Landscape, 1922-1932

Frank Lloyd Wright (PBS)

A film by Ken Burns

**Great Buildings: A Menu of Architectural Types

Covers types of buildings, architectural styles, American and world Architecture, Timelines, Special Places, Construction Types plus much more.

Islamic Architecture

Textual and visual resources available at MIT Rotech Library plus many WEB Links

Kidder Smith Images Project (Architecture of the United States)

A collection of 3400 Kodachrome slides which document ten centuries of architecture in U.S

Medieval Art and Architecture

Pritzker Architecture Prize

Provides current info about the world’s most prestigious architecture award and its winners.

Renaissance and Baroque Architecture

Follectio of images of architecture from that time period.

Society of Architectural Historians

Huge collection of net resources.


About Hobbies and Games (Ceramics)

Many links to ceramics and pottery. Just type terms in search box.

Clayzee: World of Ceramics

American Ceramic Society: Art Links

Links to 610 web sites. Museums, galleries, exhibitions and much more.

WWW Virtual Library: Ceramics

Yahoo Ceramics

Ceramica Online

Ceramics Monthly

The worlds most widely read ceramic arts magazine.

Ceramics Web

This is an experimental web site for ceramics—glaze recipes, matter analysis, health and safety and a variety of educational materials related to ceramics.

Clay Art Center

Its purpose is to encourage the growth of ceramics

Pottery Studio

A knowledge base for collectors. Aim is to include examples of work of all the major and minor potters and potteries.

Agape Southwestern Pottery

Southwest’s most extensive collection of traditional handmade Native American Pottery—200 pieces.

Hollister Collection of Southwestern Native American Pottery

IPL Pueblo Pottery

Pueblo Cultural Center

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