Book’s Sandwiched-In News


We are now meeting periods 4, 5 and 6.


Next meeting is Thursday, October 25.



If you are interested in coming to the

library to talk about books your are reading

and have some lunch stop in and see either Mrs.

Stevens or Mrs. Roberts by the end of Wednesday.



The library provides drinks, chips and

cookies.  You just bring the rest of your lunch in a brown paper bag.  No food can be brought up

from the cafeteria.



When you come to “Book Club” you can be the

first to see the new books.





Also, at this month’s meeting we will talk

about setting up a “library blog” so you can

share your thoughts on-line about books you

are reading.




Here are some author’s blogs you might want

to check out.


Libbra Bray


Sara Dessen


Gail Giles


Anthony Horowitz


Tammy Pierce


Pete Hautman