Junior Research Paper Materials







301 ENC                   Encyclopedia of American Social History, 3 vols. 

                                         Information based on social history—history of everyday life,

                                         history of groups and the power relationships between these groups.

                                         Info. on Puritans and their legacy, McCarthyism and communism.


320.973 GRE           Encyclopedia of American Political History, 2 vols.

                                    Articles in these two volumes discuss within a historical context

                                          as well as from the viewpoint of current political thought.  Covers



328 CON                  Congress and the Nation    1945-1964

                                Review of Government and Politics—covers Internal Security and

                                        Civil Liberties; Smith Act of 1940 and Internal Security Act of 1950;

                                        Communist control act of 1954; 1951 Un-American Activities, Motion

                                        Picture Industry, 1952 House on Un-American Activities; 1953 House

                                        on Un-American Activities; McCarthy’s Investigations, 1954 Army-

                                        McCarthy Dispute Hearings.


342.73 ENC              Encyclopedia of the American Constitution

                                Covers a section on Joe McCarthy, plus constitutional provisions

                                        protect individual rights, etc.  Major court cases such as

                                        Miranda vs. Arizona.    


349.73 GRE              Great American Court Cases   Vol I and II

                                 First volume covers major cases on “individual liberties.”  Individual

                                         liberties including cases that have influenced such First and Second

                                         Amendment issues as freedom of the press, privacy, the right to

                                         bear arms and legal concerns emerging from the growth of the

                                         Internet.   Vol 2 covers cases that establish the rights of the accused

                                         before, during, and after trial, or address criminal law procedures,

                                         “SEARCH and SEIZURE,” etc.



970 GRE                Great Events from History:  North America Series

                              Vol. 1 Salem Witchcraft Trials; Religious, emotional, hysterical, and

                                    perhaps politically motivated fervor which leads to tragic persecution.

                                    Vol.  3.  1951 McCarthy Hearings; Cold War paranoia tests the principles

                                    of democracy threatening the Civil rights of U.S. Citizens. 




973 AME                        American Decades   1950-1959

                                                McCarthyism—Politics of Fear;  Joe McCarthy; Overview of

                                                Communism and the mass fear it brought to the people of that



973 DIC                                Dictionary of Twentieth Century culture—American

                                      Culture After World War II.

                                                J. Edgar Hoover;  Arthur Miller, Joe McCarthy


973.03                          Dictionary of American History, Vol. IV

                                      Information on the McCarthy-Army Hearings.


                                      Annals of American History

                                      Chapters on cold War Crisis—also pictures; original documents

                                                on or by Senator McCarthy.  Also various original documents on









133.4 HIL                    Hill, Frances                       A Delusion of Satan: Full Story

                                                                                    of the Salem Witch Trials.                                                                                                               Cambridge, MA: DaCapo Press,



133.4 ARN                  Aronson, Marc                   Witch Hunt: Mysteries of the Salem

                                                                                    Witch Trials.  New York: Atheneum

                                                                                    Books, 2003.


138 ZEI                       Zeinert, Karen                   The Salem Witchcraft Trials.  New

                                                                                    York:  Franklin Watts, 1989.


133.4 RIC                   Rice, Earle                          The Salem Witch Trials.  San Diego:

                                                                                      Lucent Books, 1997.


133.4 HIL                    Hill, Frances                        The Salem Witch Trials Reader.

                                                                                     Cambridge, MA: DaCpro Press,



134.3 UPH                  Upham, Charles W.            Salem Witchcraft.  Mineola:  Dover

                                                                                      Publications, 2000.


133.4 JAC                   Jackson, Shirley                   The Witchcraft of Salem Village.

                                                                                        New York: Random House, 1956.


133.4 ALD                  Alderman, Clifford               The Devil’s Shadow:  The Story of

                                                                                          Witchcraft in Massachusetts

                                                                                          New York: Messner, 1967.


133.4 WEI                  Weisman, Richard            Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion in

                                                                                     17th-Century Massachusetts. 

                                                                                      Amherst:  Univ. of Mass Press, 1984


133.4 TAY                  Taylor, John M.                   The Witchcraft Delusion in Colonial

                                                                                      Connecticut   1647-1697

                                                                                       Williamston, Mass, 1984.



Non Reference Materials


133.4 HIL        Hill Frances                  A Delusion of Satan:  Full Story of the Salem Witch

                                                            Trials.  Cambridge, Ma:  DaCapo Press, 1995

                                                            By placing the distant period of the Salem witch trials in

                                                            the larger context of more contemporary outbreaks of

                                                            mass hysteria and intolerance, the author has created a

                                                            work as thought provoking as it is emotionally powerful

                                                            She relates not only her own theory about the events, but

                                                            also those of other scholars with whom she does not



133.4 ARN      Aronson, Marc Witchhunt:  Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trial, New

                                                            York: Atheneum Books, 2003. 

                                                            Sifts through the facts, myths, half-truths, misinterpretations,

                                                            and theories around the Salem witch trials.  Much of what has

                                                            been said about the events that took place were surrounded     

                                                            by a series of stories based on misinterpretations, fantasies,

                                                            and half-truths that have been passed along so many times

                                                            from book to book that eventually they were treated as true.


133.4 HIL       Hill, Frances                  The Salem Witch Trials Reader,  Cambridge, Mass: DaCapro

                                                            Press, 2000. 

                                                            Provides and comments on the actual documents from the trial;

                                                            transcripts of the examinations of suspected witches; eyewitness

                                                            accounts of “Satanic influence;” and the testimony of those who

                                                            retained their reason and defied the madness.  Illustrates

                                                            historical background—shows how the trials have been

                                                            represented and sometimes distorted.


133.4 RIC        Rice, Earle                    The Salem Witch Trials  San Diego, CA:  Lucent Books, 1997.

                                                            Sets the scène and provides historical information to show

                                                            how society’s values influenced what was happening at the time.

                                                            Presents a detailed and lively account of the witchcraft trials

                                                            using primary source materials such as direct testimony, lawyer’s

                                                            summations.  Also presents important points of law, information

                                                            on key personalities and important distinctions related to civil,

                                                            federal and criminal procedures.


133.4 ALD      Alderman, Clifford        The Devil’s Shadow:  The Story of Witchcraft in Massachusetts

                                                            New York:  Julian Messner, 1967.

                                                            Gives an accounting of the “hysteria” the girls brought to the

                                                            town of Salem. Behind this violent outbreak of persecution

                                                            lay centuries of superstition.  “Nurturing” it was a Puritan

                                                            culture so strict that it crushed all natural human feelings and

                                                            bred only fear and unrest.

133.4 WEI       Weisman, Richard        Witchcraft, Magic  and Religion in 17th Century Massachusetts

                                                            Amherst:  Univ of Massachusetts Press, 1984

                                                            Author explores why the decline of witchcraft prosecutions did

                                                            occur just after the most dramatic increase in such prosecutions?

                                                            He was not satisfied with explanations that spoke of these events

                                                            as instances of collective hysteria or mass delusion.


133.4 JAC       Jackson, Shirley            The Witchcraft of Salem Village, New York: Random House,

                                                            1956.  In order  to understand the seeming madness which swept

                                                            Salem Village in 1692 the author considers the many factors

                                                            which had been building for long centuries before.


133.4 UPH      Upham, Charles            Salem Witchcraft   Mineola:  Dover Publications, 2000

                                                            An account of Salem village and a history of opinions on witch-

                                                            craft and related subjects.


133.4  ZEI       Zeinert, Karen              The Salem Witchcraft Trials. New York:  Franklin Watts, 1989.

                                                            In 1692 a kind of madness broke out in the small New England                                                             village called Salem town.  For a brief period “witches” were

                                                            everywhere.  Before the madness had ended, 19 witches had

                                                            been arrested or accused by their friends and neighbors and

                                                            their property seized.  How ere a group of school girls, exhibiting                                                           classic symptoms of mass hysteria, able to convince a whole

                                                            town that they were being possessed by evil spirits.


133.4 ROA      Roach, Marilynne         The Salem Witch Trials  Lanham:  Taylor Trade Publishing


                                                            This is a day by day account of a “community under siege.”

                                                            This book is based on over 25 years of original archival research

                                                            (including the author’s discovery of previously unknown

                                                            documents), as well as on newly found cases and court records.


133.4 MAR     Marvel, Laura               The Salem Witch Trials.  San Diego:  Greenhaven Press, 2003.

                                                            Covers why a witch-hunt in Salem occurred in 1692; What

                                                            motivated the “afflicted” Girls; Why would the innocent

                                                            confess?  A Chronology is also included.



364.1 ALO      Alonso, Karen              The Alger Hiss Communist Spy Trial.  2001

                        A trial based on 2 “spies” involved in the cold war. Whittaker Chambers

                        was an admitted ex-Communist spy.  He claimed Alger Hiss—a well

                        respected Assistant Secretary of State was a communist.  This clash became

                        a symbol of a much larger conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. 


345.73 MON   Monroe, Judy               Rosenberg Cold War Spy Trial. Berkeley Heights, N.J.:

                                                                        Enslow  Publishers, 2001.

                        Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were arrested in 1950.  At that time the United was

                        under going major political and economic changes.  Fear of spies and atomic

                        bombs was very common.  These issues would affect the Rosenberg’s case.

                        Some Americans developed a profound fear of communism in 1950.  Senator

                        Joe McCarthy claimed that the U.S. Government had employed 205 Communists

                        and he ha a list containing the names of those people. 


BIO MCC       Matusow, Allen J.         Joseph R. McCarthy


                        Biography—timelines—explanation and background on the hysteria of anti-



345.73 PRE     Prentzas, G. S.  Miranda Rights:  Protecting the Rights of the Accused.

                        New York:  Rosen Central, 2006.

                        The 5th amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed criminal defendants the

                        right not to testify against themselves in a court of law.  In Miranda, the Supreme

                        Court extended the right to remain silent beyond the courtroom to the police

                        interrogation room.  This ruling had a major impact on law enforcement, creating

                        a new procedure for police officers to follow before questioning suspects or

                        obtaining confessions. (List of Web Sites included)


973.9 ZEI        Zeinert, Karen    McCarthy and the Fear of Communism in American History

                        Berkleley Heights, N.J.;  Enslow Pub, 1998

                        Explores the people and events involved in what some have called a witch hunt.

                        Against the backdrop of the terrifying years of the cold war and the fear of

                        nuclear weapons, Zeinert shows how one man, Joseph McCarthy, was able to

                        embroil the nation in one of the most controversial periods in U.S. History. 


973.921 FRI    Fried, Richard    Nightmare in Red:  The McCarthy Era in Perspective.

                               New York:  Oxford University Press, 1990. 

                        Provides a most complete history of the rise and fall of the phenomenon known as

                        McCarthyism.  Offers an account of the many different people who became

                        embroiled in the anti-communist fervor of mid-century America.  Covers the

                        1930’s, to the early years of the Cold War, through the height of the McCarthy

                        Era, McCarthy’s censure and the decline of the House Committee on

                        Un-American Activities in the 1960’s. 


345.73 SCH    Scheppler, Bill    The USA Patriot Act:  Antiterror Legislation in Response

                                                            to 9/11.  New York: Rosen Publishing, 2006.


            Examines the details of the 9/11 plot and identifies inadequacies in U.S. intelligence

            collection and analysis that may have caused missed opportunities to unveil the plans.

            It introduces examples of efforts to combat terrorism through legislation and points to

            key provisions in the USA Patriot Act, which was drafted to remedy intelligence pitfalls.

            Finally it considers the controversy surrounding the USA Patriot Act:  Some claims that

            the act erodes civil liberties and federal lawsuits have ruled sections of the act are

            unconstitutional.    (Web sites included).


343.73 OLS   Olson, Steven P.  The Homeland Security Act of 2002:  Legislation to Protect

                                    America.   New York:  Rosen Central, 2006.

                        Gives the whys and how` this act was passed in  addition to the provisions of the



973.921 OSH  Oshinsky, David M.   A Conspiracy So Immense:  The World of Joe McCarthy

                                New York:   The Free Press, 1983. 

                        The author attempts to uncover the lawyers of myths that surround McCarthy.

                        Reveals the internal and external forces that launched McCarthy on his way to

                        prominence and then what finally caused his fall. 


973.921 HAY  Haynes, John  Red Scare or Red Menace?  Ivan R. Dee, Pub.  1996

                        According to Haynes the  Communist Party of the U.S. whose membership

                        never exceeded 70,000 was a definite threat to American security.  He concludes

                        that despite its excesses during the McCarthy era, the anti communism of the

                        1940s and 1950s was not entirely irrational, given the links between the CPUSA

                        and Soviet espionage. 


973.921 JOH   Johnson, Haynes  The Age of Anxiety:  McCarthyism to Terrorism.

                              Harvest Books, 2005.

                        Approximately ¾ of this book is devoted to a historical recounting of McCarthy’s

                        crusade with the remaining quarter spent comparing McCarthyism to present day



973.921 ROV  Rovers, Richard H.  Senator Joe McCarthy.  Berkeley Calif: University of

                        California Press, 1995.

                        Rovere shows how “McCarthy terrorized and silenced routine job holders, great

                        political and military figures, artists and scientists, and yet vanished abruptly as

                        a political force three years before he died.