Sites For Current News Iraq Conflict


100+ links to various newspapers, media, headline sources, international news, business news plus more. Scroll down looking at center of page.

ABYZ News Links

Gateway to news stories from countries all over.

ABC News

News summaries and headlines with links to full stories. Hourly audio news updates from ABC News Radio.

BBC News—World Edition

The British Broadcasting Corp. is a good source for comprehensive international news. They also have an in depth section called “Conflic with Iraq.”

CBC Interactive

Today’s headlines from the Canadian view point.


Good for breaking news, there special report is called “Showdown Iraq”

Christian Science Monitor

This site gives a reflective type analysis of the current political situation.

C-Span Cable Television

Coverage of all session of the U.S. Congress, UN Security Council sessions, British House of Commons Presidential Speeches etc

FOX News Online

News from the Fox network

Guardian Newspaper

Newspaper in Great Britain which provides a liberal and a skeptical viewpoint. Also has a “Special Report: Iraq.”

France-Diplomatic News

News from the French Foreign Ministry in English.

New York Times

Extensive coverage. Read the articles after free registration.

Middle East Media Research Institute

News and position ppers from a Middle Eastern perspective.


Again a good site for breaking news.

The Nation Magazine

Table of contents of the current issue with links to some stories. Also includes archives of back issues.

Today’s news, top stories from the crisis and links to various parts of the magazine plus more.

Time. Com

Brief descriptions with links to stories from the current issue.

US. News Online

Tops stories from the current issue, a search box to the archives and links to back issues.

United Nations News Center

News prepared by UN staff about arms inspections in Iraq, fighting terrorism, the Middle East and North Korea. Includes coverage and video of major speeches and Security Council meetings.

Washington Post

Particularly good for Washington politics as well as international coverage, with a special report “Confronting Iraq”.

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