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AAA Math   http://www.aaamath.com/index.html  Hundreds of basic math skills and interactive practice on every page. 


Black Women Mathematicians  http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad/wmad0.html


Faces of Science:  African Americans in the Sciences  http://www.princeton.edu/~mcbrown/display/faces.html


History of Mathematics Archive   http://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/  This archive contains the biographies of

more than 1000 mathematicians.  About 200 of these biographies are fairly detailed and most do have a picture of the mathematician.  Click on term “Biography Index”


MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive  http://www-history.mcs.st-andrews.ac.uk/history/index.html


Mathematicians of the African Diaspora http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad


Measure 4 Measure: Sites That Do the Work For You  http://www.wolinskyweb.com/measure.htm  Collection of links to websites that calculate, evaluate, translate,etc.  They do the work for you. 


Mega-Math  http://www.c3.lanl.gov/mega-math


On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences  http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/


Profiles of Black Mathematicians  http://www.math.buffalo.edu/mad  One of the purposes of this site is to dispel the idea

 that “the Negro is incapable of succeeding.”  Exhibits the accomplishments of the peoples of Africa and African Diaspora.


Play Mancala  http://imagiware.com/mancala  Mancala games are among those ancient games that last and last because rules

are simple. 


Sci-Math World:  An interactive Internet Workshop.  http://library.rider.edu/scholarly/rlackie/sci

This site is designed for teachers and librians who wish to expand their knowledge of science and math education Web



Science: Mathematics  http://dir.yahoo.com/Science/  The Yahoo Compendium of Science:  Mathematics, with links to a huge

 amount of resources on the Internet.  


WebMath—Instant Solutions to Your Problem  http://www.webmath.com/


World of Mathematics  http://mathworld.wolfram.com  One of the web’s most complete web sources for math links. 





Abstract Algebra Online   http://www.math.niu.edu/~beachy/aaol   This site contains many of the definitions and theorems from

 the area of math generally called abstract algebra.  . 


Algebra Problems & Puzzles  http://forum.swarthmore.edu/algebra/k12.algebra.html The math forum at Drexel, k-12 algebra,

 math by subject.  Also classroom materials for teachers and students.


Ask Dr. Math   http://mathforum.org/library/drmath/drmath.high.html


Math Forum Topics  http://forum.swarthmore.edu/math.topics.html  Collections of sites represent only what we believe are the

 best Internet resources for each topic.


S.O.S. Mathmatics—Algebra  http://www.math.utep.edu/sosmath/algebra/algebra.html




Conic Section:  From Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics   http://mathworld.wolfram.com/ConicSection.html






Abacus:  the Art of Calculating with Beads.  http://www.ee.ryerson.ca:8080/~elf/abacus/

Introduction to the Abacus, history of it, how to use it, plus additional web sites included.


Basket Math      http://www.scienceacademy.com  Click on Education Links for links to the Internet or on Interactive and then

 click table of contents. 


Changemaker   http://www.funbrain.com/cashreg/index.html


Clever Games for Clever People  http://www.cs.uidaho.edu/~casey931/conway/games.html


Cool Math  http://www.coolmath.com  An amusement park of math.


Cornell Theory Center:  Math and Science Gateway  http://www.tc.cornell.edu/Edu/MathSciGateway/  Click on

Mathematics—provides links to excellent resources in math for both educators/students in grades 9 – 12.  A great many links.


Create a Graph  http://nces.ed.gov/nceskids/graphing/  Covers 4 major types of graphs—Area, Bar, Line and Pie Chart.

Gives explanation as to what they are and do and then tell how to create them. 


CTC’s Trigonometry Explorer  http://www.cogtech.com/EXPLORER/


Curious and Useful Math   http://personal.cfw.com/~clayford/multiply.html  Multiplication tricks.


ExploreMath.com  http://www.exploremath.com/index.cfm   Lesson plans, math activities, etc. 


Fibonacci Puzzles  http://www.mcs.surrey.ac.uk/Personal/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibpuzzles.html


Fractals   http://math.rice.edu/~lanius/frac/    Unit is for elementary and middle schools—however adults can benefit as well

from this site. 


Frank Potter’s Science Gems—Mathematics   http://www.sciencegems.com  More than 14,000 Science

Resources for parents, students, teachers and mathematicians.  Scroll down to section on Math.


Graphics for the Calculus Classroom  http://www.math.psu.edu/dna/graphics.html   Provides graphics and also links to more

 complex analysis.


History of Mathematics Page   http://aleph0.clarku.edu/~djoyce/mathhist/mathhist.html

Lots of historical information about mathematics, including biographies of mathematicians.


iFigure (calculators)  http://www.ifigure.com/   Provides links to online calculators and worksheets.  Interactive and educational



Investigating Patterns: Symmetry and Tessellations  http://www.camosun.bc.ca/~jbritton/jbsymteslk.htm   This is an interactive

 site.  “How to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs”, “Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land”, “Symmetry in the Alphabet”, “Snowflakes”

 plus about 25 more major activities.


Joy of PI  http://www.joyofpi.com   Facts and figures about PI and links to additional sites.


Math Baseball  http://www.funbrain.com/math/index.html  Interactive site. 


Mathpower  http://www.mathpower.com  Provides information about basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety, learning

styles and more.


**Math Forum  http://www.mathforum.org/  Drexel UniversityStudent Center, Teachers Place, Research division, plus more.


Math in Daily Life—Annenberg/CPB  http://www.learner.org/exhibits/dailymath/  How do numbers affect everyday life?


MathNerds  http://www.mathnerds.com  Provides free, discovery based mathematical guidance from an international, volunteer

 network of mathematicians. 


Mathpuzzle.com   http://www.mathpuzzle.com   Looks like a great site—math puzzles, plus links to Math resources, puzzle

resources, news etc.


*Math Reference Materials  http://mathforum.org/library  Internet Mathematics Library.  Includes Math topics, lesson plans &

 activities, problems & puzzles, Math Ed Topics and a Math Library. 


Math Sites on the Internet  http://forum.swarthmore.edu/ruth/mathsites.html  Includes links to other math sites on the Net, Math Resources by subject, Internet Math Projects.


Mrs. Glosser’s Math Goodies:  Gems from the Classroom   http://www.mathgoodies.com/forums/

Homework help and frequently asked homework question sections. 





  Prime Pages (about prime numbers)  http://www.utm.edu/research/primes/

Links, lists of primes, how to find a prime and much much more. 


S.O.S.  Mathematics Tables and Formulas  http://www.sosmath.com/tables/tables.html

Sit is a place for students and educators to quickly access mathematical formulas.  Many tables and formulas.


Southwest Texas State University’s Math Anxiety  http://www.counseling.swt.edu/math_anxiety.htm      Do you get Math

Anxiety?  Check this site out.


Sprott’s Fractal Gallery  http://sprott.physics.wisc.edu/fractals.htm


Statistics and Probability  http://shazam.econ.ubc.ca/flip


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Math Anxiety Resources  http://www.uwm.edu/People/kal/anxiety.html   Book Resources

 and web resources to  help with math anxiety.


**World Wide Web Virtual Library (Math)  http://euclid.math.fsu.edu/virtual

Site maintained by Florida State University --Virtual Library. 


Zona Land (graphics)  http://id.mind.net/~zona  You will find educational and entertaining items pertaining to physics, to the

mathematical sciences, and to mathematics in general. 

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