New Books Sept 2006

New Books Nov 2006


New  Books and Video--NOV. 2006






CALL #                       TITLE


133.4 HIL                    A Delusion of Satan:  Full Story of the SalemWitch Trials

170 DIM                      Ethics Opposing viewpoints

179.7 SNY                  Euthanasia:  Opposing viewpoints

291 WIL                      World Religion

291.1 BIE                    Parallel Myths

303.48 NAK               Cars in America

306.74 GER                 Prostitution and Sex Trafficking:  Opposing Viewpoints

323.44 CAR                Privacy:  Opposing viewpoints

325.73 HAE                Illegal Immigration: Opposing viewpoints

333.72 DUP                Conserving the Environment:  Opposing Viewpoints

338.2 NAK                 Oil:  Opposing Viewpoints

341.6 BAR                  The Nuremberg Trials

355.033 GER               Rogue Nations:  Opposing viewpoints

362.29 AVE                Teen Drug Abuse:  Opposing Viewpoints

362.734 WIL               Adoption:  Opposing Viewpoints

363.8 EGE                   Food:  Opposing viewpoints

909 HAV                     The Third World:  Opposing Viewpoints

956.9405 ROD            Herzl’s Nightmare:  One Land, Two Peoples

958.104 WOO                        Afghanistan

972.921 CUN              The McCarthy Hearings

973.921 HAY              Red Scare or Red Menace?  American Communism in the Cold War Era

973.921 JOH               The Age of Anxiety:  McCarthyism to Terrorism

973.921 OSH              A Conspiracy So Immense:  The World of Joe McCarthy

973.921 ROV              Senator Joe McCarthy


BIO HOU                    Escape:  the story of the Great Housdini

BIO MAT                    Kaffir Boy






Author                  Title


Ausen, A               Funny Little Monkey

Boyne, J.               The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Broach, E.             Desert Crossing

Bruchac, J.            Code Talker

Bruchac, J.            Geronimo

Charltaon-Trijillo    Prizefighter en MiCasa

Cole, S.                 Thieves Like Us

Colfer, Eoin           Artemis Fowl

                             Artemis Fowl:  The Arctic Incident

                             Artemis Fowl:  The Eternity Code

                             Artemis Fowl:  The Lost colony

Cooney, C            Hit the Road

Dorfman, J.           Playing It Cool

Ferguson, A          The Angel of Death

                             The Christopher Killer

Fletcher, C.           Tallulah Falls

Horowitz, A.         Scorpia

Jaramillo, A.          LaLinea

Jenkins, A. M.       Beating Heart:  A Ghost Story

Lester, Julius         Day of Tears:  A Novel in dialogue

MacKall, D.          Eva Underground

Price, Charlie         Dead Connection

Ritter, John            Under the Baseball Moon

Salisbury, G.         House of the Red Fish

Triana, G.              Cubanita

Werlin, N.             Rules of Survival

Wilson, D.             Black Storm Comin’





Call #                            Title

DVD 133.4 SAL          Salem Witch Trials

DVD 220 JES              Jesus the Word Becomes Flesh

DVD 225 PAU            Paul the Emissary


DVD 225.95 WHE      Where Jesus Walked

VHS 297 ISL               Islam Empire of Faith

DVD 328 UND           Understanding Government:  The Executive Branch

DVD 328 UND           Understanding Government:  The Judicial Branch

DVD 328 UND           Understanding Government: The Legislative Branch

DVD 330 ISA              Understanding the Economics of Success

DVD 330 OUT            Outsourcing:  White Collar Exodus

DVD 338.0973 MIL    Mill Times

DVD 340 CON           A Conversation on the Constitution:  Judicial Independence

VHS 363.32 SEP         Sept 11, 2001 A Turning Point in History The First Thirty Days

DVD 395 JOS             Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers

VHS 612 INC             The Incredible Human Machine

DVD 659 PER The Persuaders

DVD 792 BAR            Baryshnikov Dances Sinatra and More

DVD 792 BOR            Born to Be Wild

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing:  Power of Dancing, Program 1

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing, Lord of the Dance, Program 2

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing: Dance at Court, Program 4

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing:  New Worlds, New Forms

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing:  Dancing in One World

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing:  The Individual Tradition

VHS 792 DAN            Dancing:  Dance Centerstage

DVD 792 FOS            Fosse

DVD 792 PAR            The Parsons Dance company

DVD 792 VAU            Vaudeville

DVD 792 YOY           Yo-YoMa Inspired by Bach

VHS 822.33 JUL         Julius Caesar

VHS 960 AFR             Africa Continent of Contrasts

VHS 940 EUR The Europeans:  An Age of Revolutions

VHS 940 WOR           World Wars and Revolution/ The World Today

VHS 940.2 ENL          Enlightenment and Revolution/Industrialization and a New Global Age

VHS 940.2 IND          The Industrial Revolution

DVD 940.53 TIM        Time of Fear

VHS 949.5 BYZ          Byzantium:  The Lost Empire

DVD 960 HOT            Hotel Rwanda:  A True Story

DVD 973.9 FRO         From the Great War to the Great Depression

VHS 973.928 WAR    War in Iraq:  The Road To Baghdad

DVD BIO ART            King Arthur:  His Life and Legends

DVD BIO DAY           Entertaining Angels:  The Dorothy Day Story

VHS BIO POL            Marco Polo Journey to the East

DVD BIO TER            Mother Teresa

DVD FIC GRO           Ground Hog Day

DVD FIC STA            Star Wars:  A New Hope

DVD FIC STA            Star Wars:  Return of the Jedi

VHS FIC THI              Thirteen Days





                              New Books   New Books   New Books

                                              Come to the Library and Browse



Fic Alp             Alphin, Elaine                           Perfect Shot

Fic Alv             Alvarez, Julia                            Finding Miracles

Fic And            Anderson, Laurie                      Prom

Fic And            Anderson, Jodi L.                     Peaches

Fic Aus            Austen, Jane                             Emma

Fic Aus            Austen, Jane                             Mansfield Park

Fic Aus            Austen, Jane                             Northanger Abbey

Fic Aus            Austen, Jane                             Sense and Sensibility

Fic Aus            Austen, Jane                             Pride and Prejudice


Fic Ban            Banerjee, Anjali                        Maya Running

Fic Bau            Bauer, Joan                              Best Foot Forward

Fic Bau            Bauer, Joan                              Stand Tall

Fic Bau            Bauer, Joan                              Squashed

Fic Bau            Bauer, Joan                              Thwonk

Fic Bau            Bauer, Joan                              Backwater

Fic Bra             Bradbury, Ray                          Martian Chronicles

Fic Bra             Brancato, Robin                       Winning

Fic Bro             Bronte, Charlotte                      Jane Eyre

Fic Bro             Bronte, Emily                            Wuthering Heights

Fic Bru             Bruchac, Joseph                       Codetalker: A Novel About the  Navajo Marines of

                                                                             World War II


Fic Cab            Cabot, Meg                              Avalon High

Fic Car             Carbone, Elisa                          Stealing Freedom

Fic Car             Card, Orson                             Magic Street

Fic Cas            Castellucci, Cecil                      Boy proof

Fic Chr             Christie, Agatha                        Mystery of the Blue Train

Fic Che            Chevalier, Tracy                       Lady and the Unicorn

Fic Cis             Cisneros, Sandra                      House on Mango Street

Fic Cla             Clarke, Judith                           Kalpanas’ Dream

Fic Cof             Cofer, Judith                             Line of the Sun

Fic Col             Coleman, Evelyn                       Born in Sin

Fic Col             Colfer, Eoin                              Half-moon Investigations


Fic Des            Dessen, Sarah                          Just Listen

Fic Des            Dessen, Sarah                          Keeping the Moon

Fic Dos            Dostoyevsky, Fyodor               Brothers Karamazov

Fic Dup            Duprau, Jeanne                         Car Trouble


Fic Ell               Ellison, James                           Finding Forester

Fic Fla              Flake, Sharon                           Bang

Fic Fle              Fleischman, Paul                       Bull Run

Fic Fle              Fleischman, Paul                       The Whipping Boy

Fic Gan            Gantos, Jack                            The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs

Fic Gar             Garden, Nancy                         Endgame

Fic Ger             Geras, Adele                            Ithaka

Fic Gre             Green, John                              Looking for Alaska


Fic Hag            Hagberg, David                        Eden’s Gate

Fic Hil              Hill, Laban Carrick                   Casa Azul

Fic Hob            Hobbs, Will                              Crossing the Wire

Fic Hol             Holub, Josef                             An Innocent Soldier

Fic Hor            Horowitz, Anthony                   Skeleton Key

Fic Hor            Horowitz, Anthony                   Scorpia

Fic Hor            Horowitz, Anthony                   Storm breaker

Fic Hou            Houston, Julian                         New Boy


Fic Jen             Jen, Gish                                  The Love Wife


Fic Ker            Kerr, M. E.                              Your Eyes in Stars

Fic Kud            Kudlinski, Kathleen                  The Spirit Catcher’s: An encounter with Georgia


Fic Lup            Lupica, Mike                            Heat

Fic Lee             Lee, Gus                                  China Boy

Fic Lee             Lee Wong, Joyce                     Seeing Emily


Fic Mar            Marachetta, Melina                   Looking for Alibrandi

Fic Mar            Martino, Alfred                         Pinned

Fic Mar            Marino, Peter                           Dough boy

Fic Mcc           McCaughrian, Geraldine           Not the End of the World

Fic Mcn           McNeal, Laura                         Crooked

Fic Mcn           McNeal, Laura                         Crushed

Fic Mor            Morgenroth, Kate                     Jude

Fic Mey           Meyer, Stephanie                      Twilight

Fic Myr            Myrachle, Lauren                     ttyl


Fic Par             Park, Linda S.                          Project Mulberry

Fic Pee             Peet, Mal                                 Keeper

Fic Per             Perkins, Lynne                          All Alone in the Universe

Fic Per             Perkins, Lynne                          Criss Cross

Fic Pic              Picoult, Jodi                              My Sister’s Keeper

Fic Pow           Powell, Randy                          Run if You Dare


Fic Qua            Qualey, Marsha                        Too Big A Storm


Fic Ree            Rees, Elizabeth                         The Wedding:  an Encounter with Jan van Eyck

Fic Res             Resnick, Mike                          Lady With an Alien:  An Encounter with Leonardo

                                                                                da Vinci

Fic Rig             Rigby, Robert                           Goal:  The Dream Begins

Fic Rot             Rottman, S. L.                          Hero

Fic Rot             Rottman, S. L.                          Rough Waters

Fic Rot             Rottman, S. L.                          Head Above Water


Fic Sal              Salinger, J. D.                           Catcher In the Rye

Fic Sal              Salinger, J. D.                           Franny and Zooey

Fic Sal              Salisbury, Graham                    Eyes of the Emperor

Fic Sal              Salisbury, Graham                    Under the Blood Red Sun

Fic San             Santiago, Danny                       Famous All Over Town

Fic She             Sheth, Kashmira                       Koyal dark, Mango Street

Fic Sle              Sleator, William                        The Last Universe

Fic Spi             Spillebeen, Geert                      Kipling’s choice

Fic Str              Straight, Susan                          Highwire Moon


Fic Val             Valponi, Paul                            Black and White


Fic Wes           Westerfield, Scott                     The Secret Hour

Fic Woo           Woods, Brenda                        Emako blue


Fic Zus Zusak, Markus                                     I Am the Messenger




BIOGRAPHY  (some biographies are classified in the normal dewey numbers—historical figure will be in the 900’s)


BIO HAR        Goranson, Christopher  Danny Harf  Wakeboard Superstar

BIO HAW       Sorensen, Lita                          Tony Hawk and His Team Skateboarding Superstars

BIO JON         Weinstein, Anna                       Kevin Jones Snowboarding Superstar

BIO KHR        Rosenberg, Aaron                    Taig Khris In-Line Skating Superstar

BIO MIR         Rosenberg, Aaron                    Dave Mira BMX Superstar

BIO PAS         Poolos, J.                                 Travis Pastiana Motorcross Superstar

BIO PAR         Parks, Rosa                              Rosa Parks: “Tired of Giving In”

BIO ZEN         Zenatti, Valerie                         When I was a Soldier


133.7 ARN      Arnonson, Marc                       Witch-hunt:  Mysteries of the Salem Witch Trials

133.4 HIL        Hill, Frances                             The Salem Witch Trials Reader

133.4 ROA      Roach, Marilyne                       The Salem Witch Trials


305.23 NAZ    Nazario, Sonia                          Enrique’s Journey

305.4 HOP      Hopkins, Andrea                      Damsels Not in Distress:  True Story of Women in

                                                                                    Medieval Times

306.6 ZEL       Zellner, William                         Sects, Cults and Spiritual Communities: A

                                                                            Sociological Analysis

306.874 RUS   Russert, Tim                             Wisdom of Our Fathers:  Lessons and Letters From

                                                                                    Daughters and Sons




332.64 BLU     Blumenthal, Karen                    Six Days in October:  The Stock Market Crash of


342.73 CAL    Callahan, Kerry P.                    Articles of Confederation:  Primary Source Investigation

                                                                           into the Document that preceded the U.S. Constitution

342.73 HAU    Haulley, Fletcher                       The Help America Vote Act of 2002:  Legislation to

                                                                            modernize America’s voting system

343.73 OLS     Olson, Steven                           Homeland Security Act of 2002: Legislation  to Protect


342.73 WRI     Wright, Susan                           The Civil Rights Act of 1964: Landmark Anti-dis-

                                                                              crimination Legislation

345.73 PRE     Prentzas, G. S.                         Miranda Rights:  Protecting the Rights of the Accused

345.73 SCH    Scheppler, Bill                          The USA Patriot Act: Anti-terror Legislation in Response

                                                                                    to 911

347.73 MAR   Margulies, Phillip                       Writ of Habeas Corpus:  The Right to Have Your Day

                                                                                   in Court

363.2 BAL       Bald, Margaret                         Literature Suppressed on Religious Grounds

363.3 KAR      Karolides, Nicholas                  Literature Suppressed on Political Grounds

363.3 SOV      Sova, Dawn                             Literature Suppressed on Sexual Grounds

363.3 SOV      Sova, Dawn                             Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds

391.009 SCO  Scott, Margaret                        Medieval Clothing and Costumes

394.1 BHO      Bhote, Tehmina                        Medieval Feasts and Banquets:  Food, Drink &

                                                                                    Celebration in the Middle Ages

394.7 HOP      Hopkins, Andrea                      Tournaments and jousts:  training for war in medieval


398.2 ABR      Abrahams, Roger                     African Folktales:  Traditional Stories of the Black World

398.2 AFA      Afanas’ev, Aleksandr               Russian Fairy Tales

398.2. BEC      Beck, Brenda                           Folktales of India

398.2 BIE        Bierhorst, John                         Latin American Folktales from Hispanic and Indian


398.2 BRU      Bruchac, Joseph                       Native American Stories

398.2 DAN      Dance, Daryl                            From My People  400 years of African American


398.2 FAU      Faurot, jeannette                       Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends

398.2 FLO       Flood, Bo                                 Pacific Island Legends:  Tales from Micronesia,

                                                                           Melanesia, Polynesia and Australia

398.2 NUW     Nuweihed, Jamal S                   Abu Jmeel’s Daughter and other Stories: Arab Folklore

398.2 PHI        Philip, Neil                                The Great Mystery:  Myths of Native America

398.2 TYL       Royall                                       Japanese Tales

398.2 ZEI        Zeitlin, Steve                             Four Corners of the Sky


523.01 VIL      Villard, Ray                              Changes Within Physical Systems and/or conservation

                                                                                    of Energy and momentum

530.12 HUA    Huang, Fannie                          Quantum Physics

530.12 WIL     Willett, Edward                        Basics of Quantum Physics:  Understanding the

                                                                            Photoelectric Effect and Line spectra

531 HAL         Hall, Linley Erin                        Laws of Mtion

531.11 BUR    Burnett, Betty                           Laws of Motion:Understanding Uniform and Accelerated


534 KRY         Krysac, L. C.                           Sound and Electromagnetic Waves

531.6 VIE        Viegas, Jennifer                        Kinetic and Potential Energy:  Understanding Changes

                                                                                    Within Physical systems

536.7 VIE        Biegas, Jennifer                         Laws of Thermodynamics:  An Anthology of Current


536.71 MCC   McCarthy, Rose                       The Laws of Thermodynamics:  Understanding Heat and


537 KRY         Krypac, L. C.                           Gravitational, Electric and Magnetic Forces

537.4 SON      Sonneborn, Liz                         Forces in Nature:  Understanding Gravitational,

                                                                                    Electric and magnetic Forces

539.2 ISA        Isaacs, April                             Characteristics and Behavior of Waves:  Understanding

                                                                                    Sound and Electromagnetic Waves

571.6 FAV      Favor, Leslie                            Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cell Structures:

                                                                        Understanding Cells with and without a nucleus





571.6 FRE       Freedman, Michael                   Cell Communication:  Understanding How Infor-

                                                                            mation is stored and used in cells

571.6 SAK      Sakany, Lois                            Cell Regulation:  Understanding How Cell Functions,                                                                             Growth and Division are regulated

570.1 FRE       Freedman, Jeri                          Applications and Limitations of Taxonomy (in

                                                                               Classification of Organisms)

571.6 LOK      Lokere, Jillian                           Cells

571.6 YAB      Yablonski, Judy                        Plant and Animal Cells:  Understanding Differences

                                                                           between plant and animal cells

571.6 VIE        Viegas, Jennifer                        Cell Function:  Understanding How Cells Work

571.8 FRE       Freudenrich, Craig                    Growth and Development of Specialized Cells,

                                                                             Tissues and Organs

571.8 ROM     Romano, Amy                          Cell Specialization and Reproduction:  Understanding

                                                                                    how cells divide and differentiate

572.4 CUR      Curran, Christine Perdan           Metabolic Processes and Energy Transfers

576.8 HUM     Human, Katy                            Biological Evolution Mechanisms

599.93 WAT   Watson, Stephanie                    The Mechanisms of Genetics


658.4 CON     Conceicao, Pedro                     Knowledge for Inclusive development


709 AME                                                         American Pop Icons

700.9 RUB                                                      Art Against the Odds:  From Slave Quilts to Prison


723 HIL           Hilliam, David                           Castles and Cathedrals:  The Great Buildings of

                                                                                    Medieval Times

791.45 HUF    Huff, Richard M.                      Reality Television

791.45 MOO   Moore, Barbara                       Prime Time Television:  A concise History

791.45 ROM   Roman, James                          From Daytime to Primetime:  The History of

                                                                                    American Television Programs

791.45 WER    Werts, Diane                            Christmas on Television

792.8 CAD      Cady, Jennifer                          Jose Limon

792.8 CUT      Cutcher, Jenai                           Bob Fosse

792.8 DER       Derezenski, Amelia                   Twyla Tharp

792.8 GAS      Gaskill, Rachel                          Agnes DeMille

792.8 GIT        Gitenstein, Judy                        Alvin Ailey

792.8 Kes        Kessel, Kristin                          Martha Graham

792.8 SEI        Seibert, Brian                           Jerome Robbins


808.042 SPE   Spencer, Lauren                       Step by Step Guide to Descriptive Writing

                                                                        Step by Step Guide to Informative Writing

                                                                        Step by Step Guide to Issue-based Writing

                                                                        Step by Step Guide to Narrative Writing

                                                                        Step by Step guide to Personal Writing

                                                                        Step by Step guide to Persuasive Writing

839.9 IBS        Ibsen, Henrik                            A Doll’s House


909.07 HOG    Hoggard, Brian                         Crusader Castles:  Christian Fortresses in the

                                                                        Middle East

932.01 JOV     Jovinelly, JoAnn                        Crafts and Culture of the Ancient Egyptians

937 JOV          Jovinelly, JoAnn                        Crafts and culture of the Romans

937.05 FOR    Forsyth, Fiona                          Cicero:  Defender of the Republic

937.05 THO    Thorne, James                          Julius Caesar:  Conqueror and Dictator

937.07 FOR    Forsyth, Fiona                          Augustus:  The First Emperor

937.07 MOR   Morgan, Julian                          Nero: Destroyer of Rome

937.07 MOR   Morgan, Julian                          Hadrian:  Consolidating the Empire

937.08 MOR   Morgan, Julian                          Constantine:  Ruler of Christian Rome

940.53 CHO    Choko, Isabelle                        Stolen Youth: Five Women’s Survival in the Holocaust

940.53 EIC      Eichengreen, Lucille                  From Ashes to Life

940.53 BEE     Beer, Edith                               The Nazi Officer’s Wife:  How One Jewish Woman

                                                                            Survived the holocaust

940.53 FER     Fersen-Osten, Renee                Don’t They Know the World Stopped Breathing?

940.53 GAR    Garner, Eleanor                        Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s


940.53 GOL    Goldberg, Zosia                       Running through Fire:  How I survived the Holocaust

940.53 GRE     Greene, Joshua                         Witness:  Voices from the Holocaust

940.53 HEI      Heilman, Anna                          Never Far Away

940.53 JAC     Jackson, Livia Bitton                 My Bridges of Hope

940.53 KES     Kessel, Sim                              Hanged at Auschwitz

940.53 LEN     Lengyel, Olga                           Five Chimneys

940.53 RAB    Rabinovici, Schoschana            Thanks to My Mother

940.53 SZP     Szpilman, Wladyslaw                The pianist

940.53 WAR   Warren, Andrea                       Surviving Hitler

940.43 LEV     Levi, Primo                               Survival in Auschwitz

956.014 EDG  Edgington, Susan                      The First Crusade:  The Capture of Jerusalem in AD 1099

956.014 HAN  Hancock, Lee                           Saladin and the Kingdom of Jerusalem:  The Mslims

                                                                                    Recapture the Holy Land in AD 1187

956.014 HIL    Hilliam, David                           Richard the Lionheart and the third Crusade:  The

                                                                                    English King confronts Saladin, AD1191

956.94 FOR    Ford, Nick                               Jerusalem Under Muslim Rule in the Eleventh Century

972.018 JOV   Jovinelly, Joann                         The crafts and cultures of the Aztecs

973.3 VIE        Viegas, Jennifer                        The Declaration of Independence:  A Primary Source

                                                                                    Investigation into the action of the Second

                                                                                    Continental Congress

974.4 MOE     Moe, Barbara                           Charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony:  A Primary

                                                                                    Source Investigation into the 1629 Charter

974.7004         Favor, Leslie J.                         The Iroquois Constitution:  A Primary Source

                                                                                    Investigation of the Law of the Iroquois




(This is only a partial listing of books)

Fairhurst, Alice Effective teaching, effective learning: Making the personality connection in your classroom. ( 371.3 FAI)

Rogers, Spence Teaching tips: 105 ways to Increase Motivation and Learning. (371.102 ROG)

Armstrong, Thomas and ASCD Multiple Intelligences in the Classroom (370.15 ARM)

Ideas plus: A Collection of Practical teaching ideas, book twenty. (371.102 IDE)

Buckalew, M. Walker Twenty Principles for Teaching Excellence: The Teacher’s workbook. (371.1 BUC)

Bukalew, M. High-Energy Teaching. (371.1 BUC)

Canfield, Jack Chicken Soup for the Teacher’s Soul (371.1 CAN)

Wong, Harry K. The First Days of School (371.102 WON)

Marzans, Robert Classroom Instruction that Works (371.102)

Tomlinson, Carol The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of all (371.31 TOM)

Cummings, Carol Winning Strategies for Classroom Management (371.102)

Lewin, Larry Using the Internet to Strengthen curriculum (371.32 LAR)

Mendelson, Alan Power Struggles: Successful Techniques (371.1 MEN)

Delisle, Robert How to Use Problem-Based Learning in the Classroom (361.3 DEL)

Kinsley, Carol Enriching the Curriculum Through Service Learning (361.3 KIN)

Johnson & Holubec) Cooperative Learning in the Classroom (371.3 JOH)

Harris Design Tools for the Internet-supported Classroom (371.33 HAR)

Rogers, Spence Teaching tips: 105 Ways to Increase Motivation and Learning (371.102 ROG)

Rolheiser-Bennet, Noreen C. The Portfolio Organizer (371.2 ROL)

Breaux Annette New Teacher Induction: How to Train, Support New Teachers (371.33)

Hall, Philip S. Education Oppositional and Defiant Children (371.93 HAL)

Conn, Kathleen Internet and the Law: What Educators Need to Know (343.7 CON)

Simkins, Michael Student Learning Through Multimedia Projects (371.33 SIM)

Mendler, Allen Motivating Students who Don’t Care (CD ROM)



Inventions That Changed the World (set of 12)
African American Artists( set of 8)
Life & Times of Mark Twain (5 part poster—really neat)
Introducing Mythology (18 poster set)
Literary Caricatures Posters (set of 13)
Poetry Forms (set of 12)
Latino Writers (set of 10)
History Through Literature (set of 8)
Great American Authors
The Middle Ages (7 poster set)
Black Death Posters
The Reformation
Great Asian Americans (Set of 8)
History Through a Lens (set of 12)
Great Native American Leaders (set of 6) Native American Tribes
Poetry set (set of 4)
Meet the Authors Series ( total of 14)

You may borrow the entire set or just some of them – depending on your needs and how much space you have in your room. Plus we still have many great ones from last year.