Pathfinder for Junior English Research Paper


Reference Books  (These are on long 3 shelve bookcases just inside library)


General Information for ideas on Themes or Thesis


REF 809 LIT         Literary Themes for Students: Examining diverse literature to

                             understand and compare universal themes: 

                             War and Peace—2 vols.

                             Race and Prejudice—2 vols.

                             American Dream—2 vols.


REF 810.9 IDE      Identities and Issues in Literature

REF 810.9 WIL     Race and Racism in Literature


REF 809 MAS       **Magill’s Masterplot, 2nd edition –brief summary of story and themes


REF 809 MAG       Cyclopedia of Literary Characters

REF 809 HAR        Characters in 20th Century Literature

REF 809 HOW      Characters in 19th Century Literature





Information about your Book and Author if AMERICAN—(Other than African-American)


REF 809 MAS       **Magill’s Masterplot, 2nd edition


REF 809 LIT         Literary Themes for Students:  Examining diverse literature to

                             understand and compare universal themes:

                              War and Peace

                             Race and Prejudice

                             American Dream


809 WRI              Writers for Children


809.3 SUP             Supernatural Fiction Writers:  Fantasy and Horror


810  CON              Concise Dictionary of American Literary Biography


810 FEM               Feminist Writers


810.9 AME            American Writers Series  (both biographical info and info about



810.9 DIC             American Novelists since World War II

                             American Renaissance—New England

                             Antebellum Writers in New York and the South

                             American Writers in Paris, 1920-1939


809 BLO               Bloomsbury guide to women’s Literature


810.9 ASI             Asian-American writers

813 MOD              Modern Fantasy Writers

813 MOD              Modern Crime and Suspense Writers

813 SCI                Science Fiction Writers of the Golden Age





Information if your Author is African American.


810 BLA                Black Writers: A selection of Sketches from Contemporary Authors


819.9 ABE             Encyclopedia of Harlem Renaissance 


810.9  AFR            African American Writers—2 vols. (Scribner series)

810.9 BLA             Black Literature Criticism  (3 vols.)


810.9 MAG            Master plots II.  African American Literature Series


810.9 MAJ             Major Black American Writers Through the Harlem Renaissances

810.9 MAJ            Major Modern Black Writers

810.9 MOD            Modern American women Writers

810.9 NAT            Native American Writers


810.9 MAS            Masterpieces of African-American Literature


813 BLA                Black American Women fiction Writers

813 CON               Contemporary Black American Fiction Writers

813 MOD              Modern Black American Fiction Writers






Normally you would go to Destiny Online Catalog on the library’s home page.

Look up the Title of your book, click on Subject and it will give you a list of books about your title. 


There is a Substantial Amount of material in the Regular Circulating Collection.


However, because there is a large number of students all doing the same books

these books will be on the Short Book Cases for you to look at and select pages you wish to have copied.